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Reclaiming Power through connection

Waking Women Healing Institute (WWHI) will use consensus to help delegate the work, and our grandmothers council to provide feedback, guidance, and strengthen kinship systems amongst indigenous women and two-spirit relatives. This model of organization is founded on our original clan systems and traditional governance structures.   We use this method to ensure that our voice is not only heard, but we establish that we are self-governing, masters of our bodies, and therefore are the solutions to colonial violence.  It is the use of indigenous theories of change that we will work from concept to an actionable plan that both Western systems and indigenous community can easily implement.

There will be many opportunities to assert self-governance in any process of systemic change, we must be prepared to do so with full faith in self, spirit, and embracing  connection to the collective.  We will not waiver in conviction and forming a strong support system is critical to maintaining health (mind, body, spirt) and completing the work. Indigenous women’s/girls/ two-spirit kinship systems are an integral part of maintain and developing wellness for self, family, community, workers, and our organization. 

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