"There has been no greater journey than my journey of learning to love myself and work towards eternal healing. To be able look back and know that I have overcome rape, molestation, domestic violence, and alcoholism is a gift. To know I am one of the few who made it, who is here to tell her story means I have responsibility to now help others find that same gift. To help create spaces where they are safe to love themselves so completely it heals the deepest wounds and reveals their purpose."

    founder and executive director

    Kristin Welch, Naeqtum Metaemoh, is Menominee, Irish, German and is of the Marten Clan. As founder and Executive Director of Waking Women Healing Institute, she hopes to help uplift traditional matriarchal roles through connection to identity and land. She is passionate about healing justice for Indigenous women and girls around the issues of sexual violence, Water protection, and MMIW. She has 8 years’ experience in systems change, resiliency and healing work, and Indigenous life-span models for wellness. Her work has involved creating safe spaces for survivors that are founded in indigenous ways of being, strengthening partnerships with both formal and informal supports, that utilize an Eco System of Care. Eco Systems of Care are accessible, unconditional, and relationship based Indigenous wellness models that offer pathways to healing and recovery work within tribal communities and for those who serve Indigenous peoples. Read more/less

    Her Her position as the Executive director of WWHI allows her to facilitate and coordinate land-based wellness services such as: Teaching Lodge, Women’s Circles, Resiliency Trainings, and Indigenous Wellness Workshops. Her strengths of strategic planning, group facilitation, and wellness knowledge have helped form instrumental partnerships with local agencies; and together they are working to create a new pathway to resiliency, wellness, and care for indigenous peoples.



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