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    Eco Systems of Care

    We utilize an Eco System of Care, a just and unconditional approach to direct services and systems change that focusses on three distinct levels the person, community, and regional level.   At the person level we provide culturally founded care to our MMIWG2S and victims of sexual violence that is both healing and preventative. The community and regional levels are focused on systems change through de-colonizing policy and institutions, building collective power through awareness and education, and creating collaboratives of support for our MMIW families and victims of sexual violence.

    person levels of Care

    Culturally founded and land-based services

    Cultural tools offered for healing and prevention of trauma inflicted from acts of colonial violence such as but not limited to sexual violence and MMIWG2S

    Cultural Tools: Teaching lodge, maple sugaring, elder visits, original language learning, cedar bath, full moon ceremony, berry fasting, fasting, medicine gathering/making, sewing/beading, traditional tool making, traditional foods/feasting

    community levels of care

    Two-Eyed Approaches to Eco Systems of Care- (systems change)

    Collaborative and community approaches to care that are culturally founded working parallel with western agencies that serve victims of sexual violence and MMIWG2S

     That create systems, change and cultural shifts in thinking around the issues of MMIWG2S and sexual violence against indigenous women by addressing the root causes of these acts of violence, systemic and institutional racism

    MMIWG2S and survivor led Responsive Services, forums for education and awareness around the issues of MMIW and sexual violence against indigenous womenMMIWG2S survivors

     Building space for Indigenous women and two-spirit to reclaim power over body, mind, and spirit  

    regional levels of care

    Great Lakes Indigenous Women, Girls, Two-Spirit Alliance GLIWG2SA 
    A survivor led Alliance spanning the Great Lakes Area that works to build collective power across so called colonial jurisdictions consisting of: survivors of gender-based violence, human trafficking, grassroots, traditional knowledge holders, and formal agency. Who are dedicated to prevention and healing of institutional and policy-based acts of violence and water protection at regional, national, and international level. GLIWG2SA  offers safe spaces for collective knowledge sharing 

    Advocacy for indigenous and survivor led initiatives for systems change through data sovereignty, policy work, and institutional decolonization.     

    Ongoing efforts to protect Mother Earth and Waters as prevention of sexual violence and  MMMIWG2

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