We are brave

    Indigenous Girls, Women, and Two-Spirit Empowerment and Healing

    We Are Brave is a survivor led group that celebrates the courage and bravery of healing, growing, and connecting.  Each week we discuss the importance of a stage of life from birthing to elder hood and beyond in connection to our culture.  We also have opportunity to get outside and connect to the land, water, and medicines to foster learning about self,  building healthy relationships , and access spaces of learning and healing. Let's be brave and heal together.  This group is open to women of all ages, youth to elders, and those who identify as women survivors and MMIWG2S family members.

    Our original way of being and thinking as indigenous peoples encourages the questioning of life and asks us to think creatively and critically about creation. In this group we hope to spark curiosity of self, creation, conversations about who we are, and where we come from so we may see clearly where it is, that we are going. When we begin seeking out those answers, the lessons of how to develop our mind, body, and spirit are often revealed.

    This is an ongoing group that is co-facilitated with grandmothers, mothers, aunties, and youth.  Each lesson includes a culture-based tool, oral history, and language.

    For in person meeting information and to sign up please email at:


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