Our Mission

To protect against, heal from, and illuminate acts of settler colonialism that result in violence against our Indigenous women/girls/2spirit, Water, and Mother Earth through restoring traditional Matriarchal roles, governance, and Eco Systems of Care that will ensure the health of mind, body, spirit, and emotion for our 7th Generation.

New Project Launch

Story Maps for Healing and Justice for MMIWG2S

Standing Together, Speaking Up for Land, Body, and Water Houdini Square Appleton

Joint event with Waking Women Healing Int., and ESTHER Fox Valley

Waking Women Healing Institute is proud to launch our Story Map Project for Healing and Justice for MMIW! This is the first of many that will form a collection of interactive Story Maps to uplift voice and ignite healing!  We hope to collect stories of indigenous survivors, MMIW Family members, water protectors, and acts of healing and justice from around the Great Lakes.  We will incorporate these stories into our future Story maps via video, sound bite, quotes, and common threads.  Interactive maps will continue to be used to connect our story, issues, and solutions to the land as well. 

Click the link below to view our first Story Map. If you would like to be a part of this project and have your voice represented within these Story Maps please take the short survey within this Story Map and we will reach out to you soon.


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To collectively build a place for the 7th generation in which Indigenous Women/Girls/2Spirit have reclaimed power over self in mind, body, free from settler and gender-based violence, with access to healthy Waters and respectful connection to Mother Earth for all beings

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