MMIWG2S Walking With Our Relatives

    The MMIW (Missing Murdered Indigenous Women) movement has been led and directed by our MMIW families to bring attention to the rates at which our indigenous women, girls and two spirit relatives go missing and murdered. We want to ensure that our relatives and survivors never have to do this work alone, we want to walk with them in this journey for justice and healing. Our services to MMIWG2S families are culturally founded with aims to help them seek justice, provide access to healing, and hold western systems accountable to address the root causes of the MMIWG2S.

    We provide MMIW families the means to seek justice for their lost or murdered relative, and assistance while navigating the justice systems, with the following free services through our outreach coordinator that offers:

    1) Consultation with justice system experts such as lawyers, detectives, prosecutors

    2) Assistance with court related costs, travel, and loss of loved one

    3) Regional campaigns for systems change and awareness around their cases  to hold justice systems accountable, provide access to resources, create awareness in media, and help coordinate vigils, marches, and healing spacesealing spaces.

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