We welcome you to join us  build a place that awakens the warrior heart in each of us through life long learning and connecting to the land. Together we will become students of the land, self, and community. Waking Women Healing Institute is a place of learning and healing that works to address and prevent MMIW (Missing Murdered Indigenous Women) and acts of sexual violence against Indigenous women, girls, and two spirit. 

                                                              "The road to knowledge is eternal"-Eddie Benton Baa


    Rights of Nature- All life is sacred both human and non-human and must be protected, nurtured, and honored

    Lifelong Learning -we uplift and encourage learning and development of self from pre-conception to elderhood and beyond

    Love- to learn to love self, family, and community in connection to the universe

    Unconditional Care- creating access to just and equitable systems, connection to land, oral history, and indigenous ways of being

    Right to self-determine - recognition of free will over mind, body, emotion, and spirit

    Respect- respect for all ways of being, respect for self, and respect for all creation

    Indigenous Traditional Governance – utilizing the power of the collective to share power and find solutions through clans, grandmother council, and uplifting of Matriarchal roles

    Diversity and recognition of each induvial as being born with innate talents, gifts, and identity through clan relationships

    What we do

    Waking Women Healing institute is a place of healing and learning that offers:

    • Culturally founded direct services healing, responsive, and preventative for families of MMIWG2S and survivors of sexual violence 
    • Prevention of  MMIWG2S, and sexual violence through cultural approaches to development of mind, body, spirit, across the lifespan 
    • Training and Education around MMIWG2S and intersecting issues of gender based and sexual violence (prevention, issues, and systems change) for: Grassroots, Agency, Institutions
    • Nation building and research on MMIWG2S issues to  develop policy/systems change through restoring matriarchal roles and leadership for the 1) protection of Indigenous women, water, and earth 2) Decolonization of settler policy and institutions that contribute to ongoing acts of violence and re-traumatization of survivors 

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