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Grandmother's Council

Our grandmothers council is the foundation of helping us move forward and do our work in a good way.  We look to our grandmothers for guidance, gentle correction, and safety.  We are so appreciative of the grandmothers in our lives who continue to show such patience, love, and strength for our communities.  Our grandmothers council is molded after traditional lodge governance structures that have been around for millennia.   The role of our grandmothers council in connection to WWHI is to help oversee the Board, resolve conflicts, and guide development of the work.  Our grandmothers hold with them the knowledge of the past, and are highly respected as leadership within our organization and community. 

    Mekekokee (Otter Woman)

Maehkāēnah otōtāēmew (she is turtle clan)

Mary Webster,  is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and helper in her community. She uses culture to help other to find their connection to balance, sobriety, peace, and healing.  Mary has been in the AODA and healing field for well over 20+ years and is known for her ability to facilitate both large and small groups, share Indigenous teachings for wellness, and provide care to relatives without judgement.  She is a key member of the Grandmothers Council who challenges others to look within, remain determined, and honor the teachings of free will.   Mary has in the past helped with Teaching Lodge, Women's Ceremonies, Water Walks, and is well known community organizer.  She carries with her a wealth of resources, knowledge of community, and strong heart. 

Dolly Potts

"Nazwinkwe Prairie Band Potawatomi Elder. Mother of four, grandmother to 14. I believe in my culture and traditional way, living each day in a good way."

Dolly Potts is a recent graduate of University of Green Bay with a BAS in First Nations Studies, who is well known for her infectious and gentle smile.  She has done much work in the community around women's wellness, traditional foods and feasts, and preservation of land and water.  Dolly brings to the Grandmother's Council the gift of heart.  She is always willing to show through her examples the beauty of compassion, active community work, and appreciation for culture.  

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